Guide cadeaux : vous souhaitez offrir?

Gift guide: would you like to give?

Here is the guide for those who would like to offer a piece of jewelry from Howlitetrib and who have questions. First of all, please know that I am always available to advise you, guide you on sizes, and provide you with information, so do not hesitate to contact me if necessary via this form.

Gift selections:

Here is a gift selection by budget :
- Jewelry between €35 and €50
- Jewelry between €20 and €35
- Jewelry for less than €20
Here is a gift selection by style:
- She likes shiny things
- She likes gold
- She loves the stars
- She loves symbols
- She loves the ocean
- She loves pearls
- She loves stonesHere is a gift selection of jewelry most offered here
Here is a gift selection jewelry customizable here

Here is an example below of an ear set that is very popular, this can give you a gift idea.

The models below are: Nora, Ivy, Effie , Alaya and Elowen

Here is an example below of a combination of bracelets that is very popular, this can give you a gift idea.

The models below are: Mélissa, Evelyn, Aeryn, Astrea, Ginger and Fall.

The basic package and the gift option: the difference

The basic package:

Each packaging is made with love, it automatically comes with:
- a business card
- a pretty care card
- a pretty cotton pouch stamped with the "Howlitetrib" logo to keep your jewelry protected from light, humidity and dust.
- a soft fabric to clean your jewelry.
- and a pretty decoration for maximum magic when opening the package: dried flowers, star confetti, recycled kraft pouch stamped, stickers “H” glitter, “Magic inside” kraft label.🌟

The gift option (extra charge 0.50€):

Find the here

It contains the same content as the basic package, but I add in addition:
- A greeting card adaptedaccording to the occasion (Christmas, birthday, etc.) .
- The possibility that I write you a handwritten note on this greeting card (to be noted in the order note at the time of the basket).
- I will not write on the back of the scratch card, so I will take into account that this is a gift order.
- I will ship your order priority so you have it quickly for gifting as this notifies me it is a gift.

If you are unable to insert a note when placing your order, simply send me an email with your order number and your note 🌟
The option allows for more festive, more suitable and gift-ready packaging for your entire order.

Attention: If you want several gift packages, simply add this option as many times as you need gift packages (j I will indicate on each package which jewel is in which package). And also tell me if I need to pack separately or several pieces of jewelry in the packages. Tell me all the details that I must take into account in the order note (at the time of the basket)

Nb: If the option is not added to the basket, I will pack all the jewelry in your order together and in the basic package.

The gift card:

Want to please without making a mistake?

Give our printable gift cards and let them choose the jewelry that will please them! Choose the amount you want to offer, the card will be valid on our entire site for 1 year.
Amount from 30 euros to 200 euros.

It's very simple, you receive the gift card directly (digitally) as well as the code by email a few hours later (on working days). You can also write a little personalized note.

To use it on our site, enter the code on the card directly in the basket, the amount will be deducted from your entire basket.

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