Collection Poetry

Poetry Collection

History of the collection

"Poetry" in English means "Poetry".

Why call this collection Poetry? Because it represents all the poetry that surrounds me in moments spent in nature, it inspires me and makes me dream.

This is therefore the first collection in my new home, rich in nature, the Landes. What inspired me in particular: the sand and dunes, the foam and waves of the ocean, the colors of the sky during sunsets, the forests of the Landes.

"Sunsets are sky poetry", This quote totally captures the soft colors of this collection.

In this collection, I chose soft materials and colors. I focused on 6 semi-precious stones in priority: rhodochrosite for its soft pale pink, the mother-of-pearl and the water pearl for its purity and luminosity, then, the amazonite blue and green to complement the colors of the sky and the ocean and finally the kunzite, for its magical and poetic color.
I hope you enjoy this collection as much as the love and time I spent imagining it.

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