Collection Rêve

Dream Collection

Discover our latest collection inspired by dreams, stars, and the spiritual world of thought. The sparkling magic of this collection is governed by the transparency and delicacy of our star stone: the herkimer diamond. This is often accompanied by rock crystal and zircon to add a little finesse.

The herkimer diamond is a stone that I have particularly liked since our very first collection. I therefore wanted its return in this collection that I imagined, created and prepared for several months in my small workshop in south-west of France.

Each creation has been imagined one by one to be combined together or worn alone. All the creations in this collection and previous ones are produced in small quantities in order to keep a unique side to your jewelry. One of my goals for this last collection: to create a more delicate, fine and meticulous collection than the previous ones and thus evolve in this direction for the next ones as well. Adopting Howlitetrib jewelry means buying jewelry created and produced "with the heart" in a responsible way.

"The Herkimer diamond has the appearance of a diamond. It is a bi-terminated quartz crystal with natural facets, of very great brilliance. It is rare and precious. It is a very particular rock crystal that is found in particular in the province of Herkimer (hence its name) in the State of New York in the United States.

The Herkimer diamond has the qualities of rock crystal in a tenfold manner. By its shape, its Rhombohedral crystal system (double triangle points upwards, points downwards), but also its purity, its brilliance.

Certain Native American tribes, such as the Iroquois, used it almost every day. Only them, it was a precious stone capable of healing them from many ailments. They made amulets to have a diamond constantly on their chest. These could help them develop visions and the gift of clairvoyance."

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