Our materials

Our materials? Durable and quality with the aim of offering you unique and quality jewelry, which you can wear on all your wildest adventures.

Our creations are gilded with fine gold or gold-filled (everything is indicated in the descriptions model by model). They are guaranteed lead, cadmium and nickel free.

For our jewelry gilded with fine gold : they are of good quality with a low risk of oxidation, occasional contact (from time to time) with water clear does not damage your jewelry. We nevertheless advise you to avoid contact with chemicals in order to preserve the beautiful color of your jewelry and its shine for a very long time. Jewelry gilded with fine gold can last a few years if you take care of it. We chose this material because it is the best compromise for a material that lasts while having a very low price.

For our 14-carat gold-filled jewelry: these are completely waterproof and will not chip over time, they are hypoallergenic, durable and resistant for all your adventures. Gold-filled jewelry can last around 30 years if taken care of. And therefore, the price of gold-filled jewelry is much less affordable than jewelry gilded with fine gold.

Gold-filled in detail ? A material little known in France but which has a gold content 50 to 100 times higher than gold plated. Which means the coating is more durable and stronger than traditional gold plating. Gold-filled, unlike gold-plated or fine gold-plated, will resist small scratches better (i.e. the brass base will not reveal itself as easily). Gold-filled has the appearance of pure gold due to its quality and gold content.

Our semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls? Sourced and carefully selected for their quality, beauty and resistance. Each stone or pearl is unique and natural, which can explain their difference and irregularity: but that makes it a real charm.

The location of our raw materials ? France and Europe (Spain, Germany and Greece) in order to limit our carbon footprint.